Tik Tok introduces a new way to merge videos
Tik Tok introduces a new way to merge videos

With competition from tech giants increasing, TikTok has introduced a number of new features that keep its short video apps a step forward.

The company announced the launch of a new "Green Screen Duo" feature that combines TikTok's most popular editing tools and allows content creators to use a different Tik Tok video as a background for a new video.

The platform also confirmed that it had tested a new method for identifying videos called "themes". These are personalized interest-based feeds that show the most popular videos in a particular category.

Green Screen Duet complements the existing Duet toolkit, which allows content creators to place two videos side by side.

It currently includes Duet, Left, Right, React, Up, and Down layouts.

Currently, creators use binary to sing, dance or dance with other users 'videos in response to video content, or just to watch other creators' videos. Hence, sometimes the video is small and is used to increase visibility or gain people's attention. Content.

Editing tools like Duet and Stitch are the main reason TikTok is more than just a video platform. First made it a new type of video social media network.

These tools also proved to be very popular and was backed by Tik Tok version of Instagram Reels (called Remix). The Snapchat platform is also developing its remixing functionality.

TikTok's new "Green Screen Duo" feature is now being promoted as an alternative to the current format, giving users the ability to watch another video more easily in the background while recording a video.

The built-in green screen duo is a great way to capture new (including already existing) videos.

The platform believes that the introduction of this feature can lead to new creativity and expression. TikTok has been improving its user interface in the past few weeks to improve recording effects and discover new video content in its apps.

With Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat all trying to copy TikTok, the platform launched an interactive music feature last month to encourage this development.

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