Amazon announced an update to the Echo Show device
Amazon announced an update to the Echo Show device

Amazon has updated some products in the Echo series, including Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5, and has added the children's version of Echo Show 5.

The camera is the biggest new feature on these two models, but the biggest update is the larger Echo Show 8, which now has a 13MP sensor, and you can find the same functionality on the Echo Show 10.

Unlike how you pan the screen to navigate the Echo Show 10, the Echo Show 8 provides a 110-degree field of view that allows you to move around the space.

The device uses virtual pan and tilt technologies like the Facebook portal, which is useful when you want to navigate during a video call.

According to Amazon, the Echo Show 8 features a new octa-core integrated processor to drive the function and stereo speakers as well as an adaptive color screen that works in parallel with the ambient lighting in the room.

Features also include using the camera to detect people entering or leaving the room, eg b- Turn lights on and off.

Alexa can also activate the routine when you hear certain sounds (like a dog barking or someone coughing).

Amazon confirms that this is only an optional feature. Users have to manually enter the code during setup to make sure they want to run it and the machine will recognize what people look like locally.

Amazon also allows all Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 devices to turn on Alexa Safe Mode so you can view the camera remotely from your phone.

Echo Show 8 introduces new augmented reality effects for Amazon's video chat service, including reactions like a full-screen heart-shaped advertisement or setting a custom default wallpaper.

For the smaller and more popular Echo Show 5 software, the upgrade provides two-camera resolutions from one megapixel to two.

Amazon developed a version of Echo Show 5 for children. The device has a kid-friendly start screen function, a one-year Amazon Kids Plus subscription and a two-year warranty against damage.

All three versions of the Echo Show are expected to be ordered immediately, but shipping could take several weeks through June.

Amazon reduced the price of the new Echo Show 5 from $ 5 to $ 85, while the price for the Echo Show 8 remained at $ 130, and the price for the Echo Show Kids 5 was $ 95.

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