Tik Tok is struggling with its text-to-speech functionality
Tik Tok is struggling with its text-to-speech functionality

TikTok is facing legal issues due to the text-to-speech functionality in the North American version of the app.

Voice actress Tik Tok was prosecuted for allegedly behind the text-to-speech feature, but she said the platform - or anyone else - was not allowed to use her voice in that way.

A lawsuit filed last week alleged that Beef Standing's voice was used to repeat offensive and insulting remarks and that the use of Tik Tok caused irreparable harm to her reputation.

It is not known how Tik Tok used the voice actors' voices without Tik Tok's approval and cooperation with the platform.

The standing person said that in 2018 he recorded about 10,000 phonemic phrases for translation by the state-sponsored Chinese Academy of Phonological Sciences. Under a contract with an undisclosed Chinese company, these records must be used to translate the Chinese text. Without permission from the institute's research institute, sound transmits its voice to other parties for later use.

At the end of 2020, Standing found that his voice caused a stir online. This is a new feature that allows content producers to compose text via videos and read them out loud digitally.

If you've been using Tik Tok for a few minutes since this feature was launched, you've likely seen a video with mysterious, soft robot sounds telling us a text.

Standing said it discovered that its voice was used in November 2020, although apparently TikTok won't release the feature until December 2020.

Although this feature makes the human voice better known, it can negatively affect you as an actress who works in advertisements, broadcasts, and other client videos.

After her friends, family, and colleagues sent her some videos, the non-Tik-Tok actress ran into trouble.

She said: When I realized you could let me say anything you wanted to say, I got frustrated and described the content as totally engaging.

"Whatever I do, I think it will affect my business," she told the telegraph. The lawsuit is supposed to prevent TikTok from using my voice and paying for it on the spot.

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