Volkswagen tests its self-driving truck this summer
Volkswagen tests its self-driving truck this summer

Volkswagen has announced that it will test its new autonomous trucks in Germany from this summer. The German company plans to start a commercial delivery service in Germany by 2025.

The German carmaker's ID Buzz electric van uses hardware and software developed by Argo AI, a Pittsburgh startup backed by Ford and Volkswagen.

Volkswagen executives and AI-please hold a press conference this week to keep up with the latest developments regarding the partnership. The partnership was first announced in 2019 and is an extension of the global alliance between Volkswagen and Ford.

The meeting provided a timetable for the introduction of revenue generating services with Volkswagen autonomous technology and AI ARGO.

Argo AI has announced the launch of the fifth generation of autonomous driving technology through ID Buzz, an electric version of the carmaker's popular minibus.

Earlier this year, Argo and Volkswagen used the MEB platform of the German electric car company in their Volkswagen T6 Transporter chassis and developed a prototype pickup truck using Argo AI technology (including LIDAR sensors, radars, and cameras).

In addition, the Argo AI software enables the vehicle to visualize its surroundings, plan next steps, and predict the movement of other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

In conjunction with the Argo AI sensor array, automatic driving at low and high speed can be realized.

Volkswagen has announced that it will start operating the truck as a fleet of restroom vehicles under the leadership of its subsidiary Moia.

Moia has operated a number of electric cars as part of its car-sharing service in Hamburg since 2017 and has served 3 million customers so far.

Over the past year, the electric car industry has rapidly consolidated and several companies have been acquired or merged, leaving the company with a long schedule, high operating costs, and no prospect of short-term income.

Automated taxis are further than most companies expect, and Volkswagen has continued to be optimistic about its ability to arrive on time.

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