You can use Google Photos to remove screenshots
You can use Google Photos to remove screenshots

Google announced in December that it would stop providing free unlimited photo and video backups through Google Photos starting June 1.

After this date, any HD media you download will count within the 15 GB limit shared with Gmail and Google Workspace using a standard Google account.

After this step, Google has made more changes to Google Photos.

Starting today, a tool will appear in the Google Photos app that will allow you to fully manage the media that makes up your storage quota.

Storage management options determine certain content that you may not want to keep in Google Photos, such as: b. Large videos, screenshots, and blurry photos.

Many users also see an estimate for how long their free Google accounts are kept. This takes into account the number of times you have backed up files on the account.

If you don't upload a lot of photos and videos to the Google Photos app, if you are near your storage limit, or if you use an organization or group (like work, school, or family).

Google estimates that with 15GB of free space, more than 80% of users will be able to back up their HD quality photos and videos for the next three years.

Google has renamed the high-quality volume to 'Save Storage' and will roll out this change soon.

You can also use the option to save storage space or save the images in the same resolution (original quality) as when taking pictures. Then Google said: This change was made to make it easier to understand the storage options in Google Photos.

If you run out of space and want to upload more photos, you'll need to free up space or get a paid Google One storage plan.

When you get close to the minimum, Google will notify you through the Google Photos app and email.

However, you can download an unlimited number of high-quality photos and videos before that date without worrying about the upper limit.

Existing Pixel Phone users can still get unlimited high-quality photos:

  •     Pixel 3A, Pixel 4, Pixel 4A, and Pixel 5: Get unlimited storage (ie high-quality images) now for free instead of original quality.
  •     Pixel 3: If you upload before January 1, 2022, you will get unlimited original quality photos and videos for free and unlimited storage from now on.
  •     Pixel 2: If you upload photos and videos before January 16, 2021, you will get unlimited original quality photos and videos for free and you will instantly provide unlimited storage space.
  •     Pixels: Get unlimited original quality photos and videos for free.

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