Tesla is testing the Luminar laser sensor
Tesla is testing the Luminar laser sensor

Photo of a Florida Tesla Model Y with a rooftop lidar sensor, made by Luminar sensor manufacturer.

With Tesla CEO Elon Musk's longstanding disdain for the laser sensors that driverless car makers typically use to create 3D maps of the area, these images have attracted great interest from Tesla watchers.

According to Bloomberg News, Tesla has partnered with Luminar to use lidar for testing and development.

This may indicate that Tesla has flaws in the technology in which its fully automated driver assistance functions operate.

The vehicle was spotted in Palm Beach, Florida, last week, and the luminous headlight stock reached an all-time high after the Y car image was broadcast with a lidar sensor on May 20.

Under the contract between the two companies, it sold Luminar LiDAR to Tesla, and the Model Y manufacturer's license plate was registered with Tesla in California.

The same motherboard is found on other Tesla cars, including the Cybertruck prototype.

Tesla is unlikely to change the position of the bike-based lidar sensor, and Tesla can use the Luminar laser sensor to fully test self-driving skills.

However, given Musk's hostility to sensors, he said in 2018, this is still a remarkable development: I think it's a crutch that leads to national boundaries that is difficult for the company to shake off.

A year later, in a speech about Tesla's commitment to building fully self-driving cars, the Lidar was also hailed as a strange sensor.

He added, "Everyone who depends on the lidar is doomed to annihilation. These sensors are unnecessary and expensive, as is the case with a whole range of expensive accessories."

“Tesla is trying to solve the broader problem of passive optical detection, which is why the company uses cameras as a major part of its self-driving cars,” Musk said.

As pixel resolution continues to increase and the price drops, camera sensors are indispensable for advanced driver assistance systems and fully automated systems.

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