Apple and Google face Japanese antitrust investigation
Apple and Google face Japanese antitrust investigation

Apple will study its business practices further, with Nikkei Asian Review reporting that the Japanese government is preparing another antitrust investigation against Apple and Google.

Apple has been subject to several antitrust investigations along with other tech giants, including Google.

It looks like Japan is starting its own investigation into the organization that includes the iPhone maker and search giant in the near future.

This month, a government group apparently began looking into tightening antitrust rules as the group discussed Apple and Google's dealings with Japanese smartphone makers, including whether local companies are treated fairly compared to overseas providers.

IOS and Android are believed to account for more than 90% of the Japanese smartphone market.

An analysis by market research firm IDC in February found that Apple sold nearly half of mobile phones in the country in 2020.

Apple Account and Monopoly:

The Japanese investigation is the latest in a long list of similar activities by governments and regulators around the world to contain the power of the tech giants.

In Europe, the chair of the Antitrust Commission, Margrethe Vestager, said on June 10 that Apple should allow alternative app stores on its platform in order to achieve fair competition, and hopes that legislation will be mandatory to provide the company.

The US is also targeting technology companies. On June 11, members of the US House of Representatives announced a series of bills. It came in response to a report by the House Judiciary Committee on large-scale technology business practices.

These five measures include bills that prohibit companies from engaging in activities that lead to a conflict of interest. and preventing the acquisition of emerging competitors. And an invoice that makes it easier for consumers to share and easily switch between competing platforms.

In addition to the government, Apple has also fought lawsuits against Epic Games recently. The game maker requested changes to App Store policies, etc. It is also trying to file a class action against monopoly.

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