Apple iPadOS 15 launched with support feedback
Apple iPadOS 15 launched with support feedback

After iOS 15 was announced, Apple used its keynote at WWDC 2021 to demonstrate the integration of iPadOS 15 with the new functionality of app widgets on the Home screen.

As expected, Apple introduced the upcoming changes to the iPadOS operating system during the WWDC keynote.

Although it includes many changes to iOS functionality, it also includes changes that only affect tablet users.

After debuting on the iPhone equipped with iOS 14, Apple now allows widgets to be placed anywhere on the iPad's home screen.

This includes large tools that take advantage of the iPad's larger screen. Apple also brought a lot of new gadgets. Includes tools for Find My, Contacts, and GameCenter.

Multitasking has also been fixed. Many of the previous gestures have been replaced by a less complex multitasking menu that allows users to choose between a full screen or split screen interface.

Apple calls it the "rack" of multitasking. The shelf displays all open windows of any application.

Other changes include the ability to split screens directly from the multitasking interface and new keyboard shortcuts.

Apple released iPadOS 15:

Apple has also noticed changes to the Notes on its main display. Shared Notes supports tagging other users and tracking activity sources that change between uses.

Tags can be used to make notes easier to sort and find.

Swipe up from the bottom right corner to use Quick Note system-wide. You can also write with the Apple Pencil.

A quick note is also context sensitive. For example, when you want to create a quick note in Safari, it will contain a link to the website you are currently visiting.

With iPadOS 15, Apple brings a translation app to the iPad. It supports split screen and a new feature called machine translation that can recognize speaking time and language.

Then translate instantly in real time to encourage multicultural communication. Users can also translate any OS content by highlighting Translate and clicking Translate.

With the major update to Swift Playgrounds, users can build apps entirely on their iPad.

Although it is not as comprehensive as Xcode, it is the first step in mobile app development.

iOS 15 Features:

In addition to these iPadOS-specific changes, several updates included in iOS 15 have also been made to iPadOS 15.

This includes new focus status options with notification summaries, as well as the ability to combine alerts into a single notification when modes change.

Depending on the user's status, a Do Not Disturb notification will also appear in the Communications app.

FaceTime audio and video improvements and support for SharePlay and Shared with You in Apple apps.

FaceTime calling allows FaceTime calling on all platforms including Android and Windows users.

Live Text is Apple's camera OCR system that captures text in images used by the entire operating system. Including user photos and photos posted on the Internet.

Expanding the new Apple Card experience to four more countries in 2021 is also on the table.

In the city, users can see more information such as commercial areas and individual buildings, and landmarks can get custom designs and night scene patterns.

These maps also contain an augmented reality display that can provide walking instructions as users use a camera to scan nearby buildings.

Street Navigation has added 3D intersections to facilitate route planning for complex and intersecting intersections.

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