iCloud Plus from Apple introduces many new functions
iCloud Plus from Apple introduces many new functions

Apple is improving its iCloud service with a number of new features called iCloud Plus.

The cloud storage service now offers unlimited storage to access VPN, backup email addresses, and HomeKit-enabled home security cameras.

The VPN is called Private Relay, and it redirects your internet traffic in two steps to block who is browsing and the data source.

Apple is trying to distinguish this feature from traditional VPNs. Apple has stated that Private Relay is not a VPN because it sends data during the second stage.

Apple explains that this second step will prevent any party (including Apple itself) from seeing all of your browsing data.

Apple iCloud Plus:

The email function called Hide My Email allows you to create a unique email address and transfer it to your existing account.

This allows you to send spam to a service you don't trust if they start spamming you.

Apple offers a similar feature through Connect with Apple.

Apple also offers unlimited video storage from HomeKit-enabled home security cameras.

Currently, you need to pay at least 200GB of iCloud storage to record video from a single camera. And you have to pay a higher fee to support more streaming and storage.

All functionality is included in your existing iCloud plan at no additional cost.

Apple hasn't said if the feature will be made available through its cheapest plan, and HomeKit video storage is not currently supported.

Apple also introduced new features to help you manage your iCloud account. The new redemption feature allows companies to send security codes to their friends or family if their devices are lost.

In addition, there is the Digital Legacy program that allows you to choose who can access your files after your death.

The iPhone maker hasn't announced a new update for the iCloud plan's free storage, which is still 5GB.

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