Apple launches macOS Monterey
Apple launches macOS Monterey

At the opening keynote of the annual WWDC event, Apple introduced the successor to macOS Big Sur and named it the next version of the Mac operating system, macOS Monterey.

It will soon be a developer beta and a pre-installed version of macOS later this year.

Universal Control is one of the highlights of macOS Monterey.

Using a keyboard and mouse or trackpad on a Mac, users can control their iPad or other Macs nearby.

With a single keyboard and mouse, users can switch between controlling any device. But it can also allow to move between them by dragging and dropping on any device.

The new macOS Monterey also provides shortcuts from iOS to Mac. Automator is a much simpler system than Automator or AppleScript, both of which are supported.

The Shortcut Editor allows you to associate a number of processes by designing shortcuts for your workflow.

Apple has added shortcuts to macOS Monterey so you can launch them no matter which app you open.

Safari on macOS Monterey includes privacy and performance features, particularly in its new system for viewing and using tabs.

Apple has reinvented the browsing experience and integrated the toolbar into a central element with more modern tabs.

A new way to use tabs with tab groups that lets you store and manage tabs without cluttering the tab bar.

Other major updates also focus on adding new features to News and improving support for Macs with Apple Silicon processors. It also updates your Mac with the basic functions of the new iOS 15.

This includes the SharePlay feature that allows you to watch movies, music, etc. during FaceTime calls.

Apple introduced macOS Monterey:

Since this information can be shared with anyone the user wants to work with, Apple has also added an existing macOS privacy feature.

Like iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Mail prevents email senders from knowing when users have read their email.

The focus is also on the new iOS 15. Users can set the focus mode on their devices, filter out irrelevant notifications and automatically reply to other users.

The Apple Translate app has been expanded. Its functionality can now be used at the system level. The company says: You can translate text anywhere, even in many external applications. Simply select the text, right-click and select subtitles to instantly see the translation.

Users who pay for iCloud services are also automatically upgraded to iCloud Plus, which adds new privacy features to your Mac, including virtual private networks (VPNs).

Some functions of macOS Monterey are directly related to hardware, as the new Power Saving Mode handles apps that consume power and computing power, which means extended battery life.

As the use of spatial audio continues to grow in the Apple ecosystem, macOS Monterey supports this audio to bring cinematic sound effects to AirPods Pro or AirPods Max.

The first beta of macOS Monterey Developer Beta is now available. The public beta begins in July. The final version will be released to users in the fall.

The new macOS Monterey is available for the following Mac models:

  •     iMac: Late 2015 or later.
  •     iMac Pro.
  •     MacBook Air: early 2015 and beyond.
  •     MacBook Pro: early 2015 and beyond.
  •     Mac Pro: Late 2013.
  •     Mac mini: Late 2014.
  •     MacBook: early 2016.

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