Apple plans to launch its own primary healthcare service
Apple plans to launch its own primary healthcare service

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple has considered launching a subscription health service plan.

The project was halted due to internal issues and was intended to provide customers with comprehensive health services that integrate data collected from the iPhone and Apple Watch.

After the project, an internal team looked at how the data collected by the Apple Watch could improve healthcare.

This idea was proposed in 2016. However, it was reportedly discontinued because Apple focused its health efforts on Watch, Apple Health, and other products and services.

This idea arose when Apple was trying to figure out how the data it collected from smartwatch users could be used to improve healthcare.

A team at the company spent several months figuring out how to use health data collected from smartwatch users, first published in 2015, to improve healthcare.

I decided to offer private medical services and to combine the data generated by Apple devices with the virtual and in-person care of Apple doctors.

Not only will Apple offer basic care, but they will also offer personalized subscription-based health plans.

Apple and health:

Apple acquired a health clinic near Apple Park and hired Dr. Simbel Desai of Stanford University to lead the project.

It tested the service with its own employees and trained a team of doctors, engineers, and product designers.

One of the plans should be an app called HealthHabit that connects staff and doctors via chat and encourages them to set health goals.

However, the app reportedly encountered some difficulties due to low registration rates and data security issues related to hypertension.

According to the report, a director raised concerns about the data during a meeting in 2019, which caused the director to leave after a few weeks.

However, an Apple spokesperson clarified that Dr. Desai spoke about the importance of data integration at the same meeting.

"This matter has been fully investigated and the allegations have not been confirmed," the spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal. Many of the allegations made in this report are based on incomplete, outdated, and inaccurate information.

The spokesperson added that Apple is proud of Desai's work and has always been an important part of his work in healthcare.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that health is one of Apple's greatest contributions to humanity. The idea of ​​primary health care has slowed. But it is said that she is still working for the company.

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