Microsoft brings new Xbox games to Xbox One
Microsoft brings new Xbox games to Xbox One

Microsoft enables Xbox One users to play next-generation games through its xCloud service.

The company mentioned this in a blog post summarizing the collaboration between Xbox and Bethesda, and the company confirmed its intention to use xCloud for the Xbox One platform.

This means consoles built in 2013 will play exclusive Xbox Series X games starting in 2021, extending the lifecycle of traditional consoles.

"For the millions of people playing games on Xbox One today, we're excited to share more about how we're bringing many of these next-generation games (like Microsoft Flight Simulator) to the platform through xCloud, just as we do on mobile devices, PCs, and browsers."

Microsoft touted the xCloud cross console as a way for gamers to try out games before downloading them, but the company clearly thinks the service is much more than that.

Microsoft initially announced Microsoft Flight Simulator as a game for the Xbox One platform. This was before the removal of reference to the Xbox One, which launched in December.

Xbox One continues to benefit from cloud broadcasting:

The software giant recently confirmed that it will release Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms on July 27.

However, it is not clear when xCloud game streaming will be available on the Xbox One platform.

And it's unlikely to be ready in time when Microsoft Flight Simulator launches in July.

The head of Microsoft's cloud gaming division has already announced that xCloud will be integrated into the gaming platform this year.

The availability of xCloud is what supports the Xbox One platform. This is mainly because Microsoft will update its server code later this month to support Xbox Series X.

This old device can be used to play upcoming games like Starfield. Like Microsoft Flight Simulator, the game is also available exclusively on the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms.

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