Apple will launch smart glasses in 2022
Apple will launch smart glasses in 2022

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts in a new research report that Apple will launch augmented reality glasses in the second quarter of 2022. It should become a development tool and a starting point for Apple glasses.

The research report focuses on the prospects for the major supplier of Apple Genius Electronic Optical. She noted that the company is taking advantage of many augmented and virtual reality products from companies such as Facebook, Sony and Apple.

He said, "We expect Apple to launch the AR HMD in the second quarter of 2022. The device will deliver a seamless augmented reality experience." So the goal is also necessary. Genius is also the main supplier.

There are rumors that Apple is developing an augmented reality headset powered by the original mixed reality device that will be on the market in 2021 or around 2025.

In January of this year, Guo Mingchi also expected Apple's first augmented reality glasses to appear sometime in 2021. However, in March, it pushed back its forecast to mid-2022, which is in line with today's report.

As Mark Gorman of Bloomberg noted in March, this headset may hit the market in the coming months. But there is no indication of the existence of such an advertisement. The opening speech at the WWDC conference is an important opportunity.

Apple and augmented reality:

And some of the uncertainty over time may be related to the long-term gap that can exist between the release and release of AR headphones.

As Apple's new platform, the company may want to announce it a few months before the product launches so developers have time to get ready.

However, there are reports that Apple's first augmented reality headset will be expensive and high-quality, mostly for developers rather than the general public.

Kuo's report on Genius Electronic Optical also covers iPhone 13 production, noting that Genius appears to be the exclusive supplier of wide-angle and telephoto lenses for the upcoming iPhone 13 series at least until the end of this year. .

Largan, another Apple supplier of these components, reportedly did not meet their requirements. The company asked him to stop shipping components temporarily.

Kuo expects Genius to eventually be responsible for 65-70% of shipments of these lens components. The ratio is between 40% and 50% above market consensus.

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