Google phones shoot Night Sight videos
Google phones shoot Night Sight videos

Google made a number of announcements at the Google IO 2021 Developer Conference last month. Some new functionality has been introduced.

The company is bringing features like Locked Folder and Night Sight, as well as many other updates, to Pixel phones.

In addition to being password-protected, the locked folder also acts as local storage on your device to store photos that you don't want to be automatically uploaded to your Google Photos account. Your partners can see it, for example, via your username. picture.

You can save the pictures taken with the camera directly to a locked folder or move the pictures there.

You can find the Locked Folder in the Utilities section of the app. Your videos and photos won't appear in shared devices, Reminders, or other apps on your device. It requires your phone password or your fingerprint to access it.

Google has also updated the Night Vision Camera Mode, which uses long exposures to capture details in low light, and now supports video.

An updated night vision mode can now take photos and videos when the shutter button is pressed. No matter how long you turn on the camera to create an animation, the system will stitch together several photos you've taken.

Google says: This feature is now available on Pixel 4 and above so you can try it out.

Google offers updates for its phones:

Some of the other tools introduced include the heads-up feature in Digital Wellbeing, which reminds you to look ahead and look away from the screen when your phone detects that you're leaving.

You can also answer or decline a call by saying "Hey Google, answer the call" or "Hey Google, decline the call."

The GBoard clipboard has become more context sensitive. So if you copy text containing phone numbers, email addresses, or URLs, they will be presented to you as insert suggestions.

When sent, click it to quickly launch related applications, such as: b. Maps to go to this address or Gmail to receive email.

Google is extending some of its current functionality to other regions of the world. Car accidents can be detected in Spain, Ireland and Singapore, as well as the US, UK and Australia.

Japan now supports call monitoring. And Recorder can now recognize more so-called English dialects from Google. Including Singaporean English, Australian, Irish and British English.

All of these features should be available now or soon. If you don't see it, you can try to update your app.

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