Brave Search .. the privacy-focused alternative to Google
Brave Search .. the privacy-focused alternative to Google

Brave Software, the maker of the privacy-focused Brave browser, has launched a new search engine in its global public beta.

Brave Search is designed as a private and transparent alternative to Google products in order not to distract users from closely monitored advertising goals.

It is also not dependent on Google results because Brave Search uses its own independent web index.

It is important to use different indexes.

Google clearly dominates this area, and even other popular privacy-focused search alternatives like DuckDuckGo also rely on mixed results from major indexes like Microsoft Bing and its web crawlers.

The company said its search engine will switch to default results, but it still can't provide enough relevant results for some types of searches and will get responses from other sellers.

To measure the number of results that show Brave independence, the company includes a search independence index, which you can view at any time via the menu in the upper right corner of Brave Search.

After enough searching, the browser can calculate the percentage independence of the individual results and display the total percentage independence of the results for all Brave Search users.

Although this is not the most useful indicator. The company sees it as a promise that search engines will become more independent over time.

Brave Search alternative to Google search:

The company said that search engines do not track users and create personal profiles for them. He makes it clear that he will not use any secret methods or algorithms to falsify the results.

The browser is working on an open, community-sponsored proposed classification model called Goggles to use as an alternative to Google's algorithm.

This model allows users to create rules and filters to determine which areas search engines can extract results from. You can use multiple ranking algorithms instead of just one ranking algorithm as needed. It's about overcoming the bias that search engines show in results.

The company plans to make its search engine the default browser engine later this year. The engine is still free to use, an ad-supported version will be released soon, and at some point an ad-free option will be available.

The Brave Search beta is now available in the Brave browser for PC, Android, and iOS, as well as at

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