Instagram puts suggested posts before your friends
Instagram puts suggested posts before your friends

Following positive feedback from users on the Suggested Posts feature, Instagram hopes, based on their interests, to go further, even before the accounts you follow post messages, new tests on them, and suggested posts and topics in the user's feed. are some cases.

As you scroll through the latest updates for the people and accounts you follow last year, Instagram has added a new list of suggested posts to the bottom of your main feed.

Since 2018, Instagram has been testing this in several ways. Based on the interaction with this recommended content, the platform is trying to display more accounts, topics and interesting posts in order to broaden the horizons of users.

Recommended posts will be mixed with your main feed and sometimes appear in front of photos and videos of people you follow.

No doubt this worries some users. Many users of the platform still need to choose a time, so the idea of ​​seeing random posts from accounts of friends and family that they don't follow is unlikely.

Instagram may want to provide recommendations that exactly match your interests, make the main feed more attractive, and keep users browsing longer.

As long as the Instagram algorithm can identify the most relevant content for each user, it will work.

Instagram tests recommended posts:

Instagram has also added new controls that allow users to add and remove topics they want to see more or less, as well as the ability to pause recommendations for individual topics for 30 days to hide them from their feed.

This feature was introduced last year and no more content will be available until you see all the content shared by the people you follow. This new test is being conducted with a small number of users.

Although this change is just a test at the moment. However, this could mean a fundamental change in how the platform operates.

Instagram wants to feature suggested content to keep people on the app for longer. At the same time, people may prefer to only see posts from people they follow, especially if the group is small.

The move appears to be part of a larger trend, and the platforms are trying to give users some control over the algorithms.

However, the algorithm is powerful enough to know what interests people and what interests them. Allowing people to choose what they can see gives them more control.

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