Facebook launches a new groups for game lovers
Facebook launches a new groups for game lovers

Mark Zuckerberg, President of Facebook, has announced a new team designed specifically for gaming content creators as the social giant continues to position itself in gaming to increase its influence in this growing region.

A new group of gaming fans has launched on Facebook, including content creators chosen to encourage better communication within the gaming community.

The new Facebook Fangroup includes new elements such as hashtags to make it easier to navigate to relevant discussions within the community.

This helps players connect with content that suits their own interests.

Facebook also hopes to help players connect with these groups' actual games through a new type of post called "finding players."

By building stronger bonds with the people you share your playgroup with, it helps to better participate and develop the community.

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Facebook has also started recommending relevant playgroups to viewers at the end of certain game content streams, and has also encouraged users to join fan groups after interacting with the creator's page.

This can be a great way to develop these communities and strengthen communication among interested users.

The Facebook CEO announced these features when testing the new features of the Facebook Voice Room.

The audio space includes a group of game content producers who have shared their experiences in building a community on the platform.

Interest in Facebook games has grown steadily, especially in the past year. Facebook Gaming watch time is said to have exceeded 1 billion hours in 2020, setting a record for the platform.

It still has a way to access YouTube and Twitch. But Facebook has made some strides in this area, allowing it to take the next level of game content, which is immersive gaming in the world of virtual reality.

Social networks are among the pioneers of virtual reality content. Oculus is now the first virtual reality department.

As VR hardware sales continue to grow, building such a community may be the key to expanding their horizons in this field and creating a stable platform compatible community.

The suite of games has enabled broader connections, the growth of virtual reality tools on Facebook, and the connection between the two platforms.

In addition, Zuckerberg also indicated that all badges earned by the creator during the live broadcast will now also be broadcast to the fan base. This provides additional acknowledgment of community members' participation during the live broadcast.

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