FedEx Tests the Standalone Delivery Truck
FedEx Tests the Standalone Delivery Truck

FedEx has announced a partnership with Nuro, a standalone delivery startup founded in 2016 by former Google engineers Dave Ferguson and Jiajon Chu.

The announced multi-year, multi-phase strategic partnership aims to test and deploy the next generation of Nuro autonomous delivery vehicles in the FedEx industry.

On the other hand, the robot follows the latest R2 robot from Nuro.

Unlike others in the self-driving car industry, Nuro's focus is on developing a low-speed, self-driving electric vehicle to carry packages, not people.

These robots have previously focused on transporting groceries, groceries, and even medical supplies. For example, Nuro has worked with CVS, Domino's, and Kroger.

A transaction with FedEx is the first step in parcel logistics. The pilot project started in Houston.

This multi-year commitment allows Nuro to offer and scale its technology to more people in new ways.

On the flip side, FedEx competitors like UPS are testing autonomous trucks, and this can help keep pace with the increasing automated deliveries.

FedEx evolves over time:

FedEx develops its own autonomous vehicle technology in-house, specifically roadside delivery robots.

SameDay is called Roxo and was developed in collaboration with DEKA Development & Research Corp and its founder Dean Kamen, who invented the Segway and iBot wheelchair.

FedEx debuted at SameDay in February 2019. The FedEx robot is equipped with sensor technology such as lidar and multiple cameras.

These technologies, along with machine learning algorithms, enable devices to detect and avoid obstacles and follow safe paths while complying with the rules of the road.

The company has announced plans to partner with AutoZone, Lowe's, Pizza Hut, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. It's about understanding how autonomous robots adapt to their delivery business.

The idea behind FedEx is to give retailers the ability to take orders from nearby customers and have them delivered directly to their home or store on the same day via bots.

The company has also tested robots in Memphis, Tennessee, Plano, Frisco, Texas, Manchester and New Hampshire.

The larger Nuro R2 robot is designed for use on public roads so that it can travel longer distances and carry heavier loads.

In addition, FedEx has made a long-term commitment to using Nuro's autonomous robots for large shipments.

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