Facebook launches podcast platform next week
Facebook launches podcast platform next week

Facebook plans to launch a podcast product next week, June 22, and add a feature that allows listeners to create clips from their favorite shows.

Based on the email sent to the podcast page owner, the moderator can link their view's RSS feed to Facebook, and Facebook will automatically generate news feed messages for any episodes posted so far.

These episodes appear in the Podcasts tab, which doesn't appear to be out yet, but the company is excited to make a major announcement about its audio plans in April.

Information about the dates first surfaced this month when Facebook confirmed that only a limited number of homepage owners could access them.

However, emails will continue to be sent to other site owners to indicate that the scope of the publication may be greater than originally anticipated.

In this email, the company said, "Facebook is a place where people can have fun, chat, and share their favorite audio files.

The owner of a podcast that has posted on the platform agrees to the Facebook Podcast Terms of Use, which you can view. There are no explicit restrictions on what Facebook can do with podcasts distributed on its platform.

For example, the agreement gives Facebook the right to create derivative works that may be required to deliver offers in certain formats.

Facebook enters the field of sound:

In addition to being able to stream shows via Facebook, podcast owners can also choose to enable editing or not. The company said it was created by the public and took up to a minute to complete.

These clips are designed to be easily shared outside of the Manage Broadcast page. Short videos are an important way for Twitch users to share great moments from long broadcasts. It seems that Facebook wants to realize the same idea through podcasts.

This update coincides with the company's strong entry into the audio field. Mark Zuckerberg hosted the first ever live audio room in the United States yesterday.

In April, the company also announced plans for a feature called Soundbites, which can be found in the News Feed.

Tracks are designed to allow users to create shareable short movies.

When it comes to podcasts, Facebook seems to be betting on podcasters using the platform to promote dialogue with listeners and promote their programming.

Posting directly to the platform can make it easier for them to achieve these goals while also giving people a reason not to leave the Facebook app.

Facebook also sees the potential of podcast ads. Spotify has worked hard to launch its own exclusive offers and ad network.

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