Facebook VR ads face setbacks
Facebook VR ads face setbacks

Facebook announced earlier this month that it had begun testing ads on the Oculus Quest app.

The social media giant said that Resolution Games' Blaston and apps from other developers will be the first to test VR ads.

For many Blaston fans, this is not good news, which has led to a number of negative comments criticizing Resolution Games' plan to test ads in paid games.

After strong objections, Resolution Games changed its decision, saying it would not be testing ads in Blaston.

Apparently, Facebook's efforts to promote its multi-billion dollar virtual reality platform Oculus Quest did not go as planned.

"We appreciate all comments and thoughts about testing the Oculus Quest ad for Blaston Games and other games announced last week," Resolution Games CEO said in a statement.

He added: "We know that Blaston is not suitable for this type of advertising testing. So we are no longer planning to test at Blaston.

Facebook's efforts have suffered setbacks:

Resolution Games does not test ads in Blaston, but will test ads in another of their games. But it is a free game and not a paid game.

"We can't wait to see if this temporary test can be converted into our free game Bait sometime in the future," the company said.

"When advertising becomes as inevitable in VR as it is on other platforms, we want to make sure we do it right when we have the opportunity to start over."

The company said it welcomes feedback from all players in order to find the best way forward.

There are still big questions about Facebook's decision to bring ads to the Oculus Quest app.

In the past few months, Facebook has acquired a number of virtual reality studios and has some of the most popular Oculus Quest games on the market.

The ability to run ads with external partners gives Facebook the ability to launch other developers to take advantage of them.

Resolution Games abandoned pre-launch testing, which was an initial setback for Facebook's virtual reality ad business.

This setback shows that Oculus Quest users are suspicious of Facebook.

The social media giant tried to address concerns about the use of user data for virtual reality ads early on.

She explained that the conversation recorded by the microphone and the photos analyzed by the tracking camera would not be used.

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