Facebook wants to develop an augmented reality hat
Facebook wants to develop an augmented reality hat

According to a new patent from Facebook, the social network is developing an augmented reality hat.

This cover extends device immersion and enhances the most advanced augmented reality experience in a separate standalone unit.

The patent was discovered by Founders Legal, who also identified some key elements of the device, which is why Facebook is trying to create AR hats instead of AR glasses that Facebook is also developing.

The canopy is built into the brim of the hat to reduce user friction. In addition, the heating components needed to operate the AR display can also be treated in a similar way and used in areas of the hat that are not in contact with the user, such as the brim for example.

Compared with separate rifle scopes, the caps provide more space options for required components, which can make it a better choice for more immersive standalone augmented reality.

Founders Legal also noted that the expanded interface of the device allows for the addition of more digital sensors, including face trackers, microphones, environmental sensors, and more.

The additional weight added by the AR system can be distributed evenly across the entire hat rather than just a few pressure points, resulting in a more comfortable and user-friendly experience.

If augmented reality glasses aren't pretty, even if they're useful, they won't be worn and won't be easy to use.

Google figured it out thanks to Google Glass because this strange device's reputation outweighs most of its potential value.

The device has other limitations. But the appearance of the glasses alone is seen as an important factor in challenging the market and thus ending its potential as a consumer product.

Facebook's ambitions in augmented reality:

Snap knew this when developing the first shows. That is why they pay special attention to the design and appearance of glasses.

Meanwhile, Facebook has teamed up with Ray-Ban manufacturer EssilorLuxottica to develop its next-generation connected glasses. Its first version should appear soon.

However, the first version is unlikely to fully support augmented reality. Facebook is pushing him to enter the world of wearable augmented reality devices through smart glasses.

These smart glasses enable the wearer to take photos and videos from their real perspective, among other functions.

Thus, the AR Hat could be Facebook's first real change in the wearable AR arena.

The additional option of merging more elements makes sense. If that sounds acceptable enough, it might be a viable option depending on how Facebook handles it.

Facebook has indicated that there may be several changes to the hat style in the patent. She said the current format describes different ways to integrate AR components into different hat-based formats.

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