First look at the upcoming Windows 11 from Microsoft
First look at the upcoming Windows 11 from Microsoft

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 operating system has been leaked online. After the screenshots were first published on the Chinese website Baidu, Windows 11 has been fully launched and with a new user interface, start menu, etc.

Take a look at Windows 11:

The new Windows 11 user interface and Start menu are very similar to Windows 10X.

Before the Windows 11 support project was scrapped, Microsoft simplified Windows for devices with two screens.

The biggest visual change you'll notice is in the system tray.

Microsoft has centered the app icon, emptied the taskbar area and added a new start and menu button.

This updated start menu is a simplified version of the current Windows 10 operating system, with no live tiles.

The Start menu contains installed applications, recently used files, and the ability to quickly shutdown or restart Windows 11 devices.

If you don't want to center the app icon and start menu, you can move them all to the left.

In addition to the dark mode, Windows 11 is also a revised version of Windows 10 more than a new one.

Microsoft also uses rounded corners in Windows 11. These corners appear in the context menu, around the app, and in File Explorer.

The start menu itself also has rounded corners. This is still an old leaked version of Windows 11, so it doesn't have everything yet.

I hope to see more changes to the apps included in Windows 11, but it seems like most of those apps don't have them yet.

Much of the operating system appears to be outdated, so a beta release is expected soon for Windows Insider testing.

There is a new icon in the system tray called Widgets in the operating system. There are rumors that Microsoft is bringing back the Windows tools, and this first release appears to have some of them.

Since this is clearly a very old version of Windows 11, these widgets are not fully loaded into the operating system, but are designed to slide and provide quick access to news, weather and other web content.

Microsoft learns from Windows 10X:

Microsoft has reset Windows 10X, but it's clear that it's reusing most of the work that Windows 11 does.

Windows 10X was originally designed for dual-screen devices, but then it was switched to traditional laptops and then discontinued.

Windows 10X includes many improvements and simplifications for Windows, most of which work in this leaked version of Windows 11.

Windows 11 also includes new Snap commands that can be accessed from any app using the Zoom button. It is the modern equivalent of the cascading window functionality that has been in the operating system for many years.

You can quickly arrange windows side by side or organize them into panes on your desktop.

Windows Store:

The Windows Store doesn't seem to have any major updates. Since this is the first leaked release, Microsoft's planned update may not appear yet.

The user interface of the Windows Store is very similar to the current Windows 11, with access to all the applications available today.

Microsoft is said to have developed a new App Store for Windows in the past few months, and there are rumors that there will be a big change today.

The Microsoft CEO promised to give developers and content producers using Windows more economic opportunities, and that should show up in the form of new stores.

Microsoft is set to completely redesign its Windows App Store to allow developers to submit any Windows app, including browsers.

Microsoft may also consider allowing third-party trading platforms in apps so that developers can avoid the commissions Microsoft typically collects from in-app purchase systems.

Try the new settings:

Microsoft has also added a new settings experience in Windows 11. Similar to Windows 10x, it uses a series of steps to guide users of new devices or switch to Windows 11 to configure Windows.

This ready experience also includes a new Windows 11 startup sound, which then plays on every boot.

Microsoft is also working on improving the Xbox experience in Windows 11. The new Xbox app is now integrated into Windows 11. It provides quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, Xbox social parts, and the Xbox Store.

The Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode remain the same as with Windows 11 in this early leaked version.

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