Web founder sells first browser code
Web founder sells first browser code

Global web engineer Tim Berners-Lee has sold the source code of the original web browser as NFT.

NFT is a proprietary form only of digital objects. This does not necessarily include copyright monitoring.

In addition to the web browser's source code, the auction also includes a letter from Berners-Lee himself, a vector file that can be printed as a label, and a 30-minute silent video of writing the code.

In total, these files represent approximately 10,000 lines of written code.

According to a press release from the auction house, proceeds from the sale were backed by Berners-Lee and his wife.

The code for sale contains the networking elements that many of us are familiar with today, including the ability to parse and render HTML documents, support for raw design, HTTP, and even the ability to print web pages.

The founder of the network appears to believe that NFT is a natural solution to the code, and said in a press release, “NFT is the latest and greatest innovation online and an ideal way to pool the resources behind the network.

NFT buyers may not be able to play the first global network version.

According to CERN's World Wide Web, the very first version of the source code is available online today (the auction house says it appears to be being sold as NFT, but not the original version) and it seems difficult to put together.

Even if the buyer is using the original browser, some websites may still use it correctly.

Network inventor:

As we know, the Internet is possible because Berners-Lee decided not to patent or criminalize his ideas.

This allows anyone with technical knowledge and IT resources to design their own websites.

Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989, and it is the most important modern way to use the Internet.

Suggest a method for hyperlinking different pieces of information stored on the first Internet. He built the first browser and server.

In addition, the first site describes this idea and says that it is intended to provide universal access to the world of documents.

According to the British "Financial Times" report, Berners-Lee directly benefits from his work for the first time. Although he said he would not keep the money for himself.

If you want to see a rough demo of the original Berners-Lee browser. CERN has a version of this and you can run it directly in a modern web browser.

If you would like to get the NFT, the auction period is from June 23 to June 30. Auctions start at $1,000.

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