Google attacks exploitative websites
Google attacks exploitative websites

Google updates its search algorithm to prevent websites from filling search results with unverified personal information. This is what the New York Times report says.

These changes came after a series of new reports in the New York Times. The newspaper discovered a large network of websites containing baseless claims of personal injury.

In addition, other industry services have been found that undertake to remove objectionable content from search results at a high cost.

The search giant is making a number of changes to its rankings of law enforcement sites, saying they should have a significant and positive impact on affected sites.

When users use a pre-existing process to report that they are a victim to these sites, Google will register the person as a known victim and automatically block similar results on the person's behalf.

This is an important change given the way these sites operate, with posts usually coming from one site and then being republished to more than a dozen others.

Google's changes help ensure that these posts do not affect search results.

Google targets defamatory websites:

The New York Times reported that it would cost about $20,000 to completely delete these messages. It is said that the cost of removing each post can be as high as $700 for a single site and service.

Some changes have already taken effect. There will be more in the coming months, but the paper notes that its own tests showed initial problems with this approach.

Despite this, she said, for some users, the news has mostly disappeared. However, this indicates that the changes made by Google apparently did not reveal any new defamatory sites. that may not have received a set of complaints to send to Google for review.

However, when the message disappears from the first page of text and image results, the new process appears more efficient.

This move represents the latest change in Google's original self-proclaimed role as a neutral results provider.

The company stated in 2004 that its results were objective and independent of the beliefs and preferences of its employees.

However, this position has weakened over the years, particularly given the EU's right to be forgotten and other legislation.

Thus, the company plays an increasingly important role in the entire network and has now exceeded 90% of the global search volume.

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