Ford cars tell you if they are broken into
Ford cars tell you if they are broken into

Security has become the primary function of car management apps from major automakers such as Tesla, General Motors and Volkswagen, and Ford is also introducing intrusion detection in its insurmountable smart FordPass app.

Although many people across Europe have stayed home during the pandemic, car crime remains a problem and is even increasing in some countries.

Car alarm systems can deter thieves. However, in cities where vehicles can be parked on the street all night, car owners can ignore the alarm, not noticing that it is coming from their car, or not hearing it.

Ford has introduced a smartphone-enhanced security system, SecuriAlert (formerly known as Guard Mode) that can be used by new car owners.

Once activated, SecuriAlert sends a notification to the owner's smartphone when it detects vehicle activity (including attempting to open the door or use the key to get in) so the customer can feel at home when the vehicle is out of sight or inaudible.

How Ford SecuriAlert works:

SecuriAlert is activated when the owner leaves the vehicle. Use the FordPass smartphone app to quickly and easily turn this feature on or off.

When activated, it uses the vehicle's sensors to determine if someone is trying to get into the vehicle.

When vehicle-related activity is detected via the FordPass Connect vehicle modem, the vehicle will immediately send a notification to the owner's smartphone.

The FordPass app learns the time and cause of each SecuriAlert smartphone alarm as well as the vehicle's last known location.

If someone tries to open the door with the key - this action does not trigger a traditional vehicle warning - SecuriAlert sends the warning anyway.

This is particularly useful for identifying attempts to access cloned or stolen keys.

When the owner got back in his car, he parked SecuriAlert via the FordPass app and continued his journey.

call function:

At the beginning of this year, SecuriAlert was introduced for the first time in commercial vehicles. It's part of a series of interconnected features that Ford customers can now benefit from.

In 2020, Ford will offer free connected car services to customers across Europe. In addition, he recently announced a partnership of networked car makers to warn drivers of road hazards.

"We know that our customers care about the safety of their vehicles and their contents," the company said. SecuriAlert is based on Ford's ever-evolving connected ecosystem. It's about letting car owners know that they'll be the first to know if something happens to their car while they're not driving.

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