Google delays cookie ban until 2023
Google delays cookie ban until 2023

Google has announced that it will postpone its plan to expire cookies in Google Chrome until 2023, about a year later than the original plan.

Other browsers like Safari and Firefox have cookie blockers, but Google Chrome is the most used web browser, so its transformation is more important to the advertising industry.

Google said: The decision to expire cookies within three months of mid-2023 is based on our cooperation with the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

In other words, the company attributed some of the delay to the need to work closely with regulators to introduce new technology to replace cookies used for advertising.

As the only company that dominates multiple industries such as search, advertising, and browsers, Google is in a difficult position.

The less Google tracks third-party providers, the more it harms other advertising companies and can increase their dominance in the ad space.

The more search giants follow, the more likely they are to run into problems due to the lack of protection for users' privacy.

Whatever it does, it is under fire from regulators, data protection officials, advertisers and publishers.

Google delays blocking cookies:

Finding a way to balance these conflicting incentives turns out to be difficult. One reason for this is that Google is trying to develop new technologies to protect data through the usual process of creating web standards.

Much of the work has focused on the "Privacy Sandbox" title, which is the umbrella term for a number of different new proposals for Google Chrome and the web.

The most controversial of these proposals is the FLoC. This is a sophisticated attempt to create demographically similar user groups in a decentralized and semi-anonymous system that advertisers can use to target ads.

However, no browser company has announced compatibility with FLoC, and several companies have stated that they have banned the technology.

Google refers to a comprehensive, rigorous, multi-step development process. Includes in-depth discussions and test periods for FLoC technology and other suggestions. This clearly shows that you can change or replace the FLoC.

“We plan to complete this asset testing and consolidation over the next few weeks and then move on to more ecosystem testing,” the company said.

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