Google is developing a new Pixel Stand for the Pixel 6
Google is developing a new Pixel Stand for the Pixel 6

The Pixel 6 series is clearly different from all previous Pixel phones, and it appears that Google is developing a second generation Pixel Stand that comes with a fan, which suggests a faster charging speed.

In 2018, Google released the Pixel Stand, a 10W wireless charger that was the only Qi charger that supported charging the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL 10W phones when it was released.

Additionally, the Pixel Stand allows viewing your device from a convenient angle on your desktop, making it useful as a digital picture frame for Google Photos and even as a monitor with voice access to the Google Assistant.

Over the years, Google has constantly updated the functionality of the Pixel Stand when used with Pixel phones.

As the sunrise alarm (which wakes you up in the morning by gradually increasing the screen brightness) has become a bigger feature in Google Clock, Pixel Stand can easily access your Android 11 devices checklist to easily manage your smartphone. at home.

When searching for the Android 12 Beta 2 code, 9to5Google found that Google's new wireless charger has started to work.

Given the timing, the next Pixel Stand should be sold with the next Pixel 6.

The main new feature is the addition of a cooling fan for better heat dissipation from the phone and the charger itself.

The original Pixel Stand can be charged wirelessly at 10W without worrying about overheating.

This could mean that the second generation Pixel Stand can charge faster.

Google is developing a new wireless charger:

Another example of a wireless charger that uses a fan is OnePlus' Warp Charger, which has a power of 50W. But the Samsung fan on the charger is only 10W.

And there's still no evidence that the next Pixel Stand has any feats. However, it seems that the app counts the number of fans and tells them the number of fans and their speed.

Fan accounts can be used to speed up, slow down, or stop fans, depending on a variety of factors.

For example, if you say "Hey Google," fans will calm down a bit to better understand voice commands. The same goes for most apps that use microphones.

Using the Google Recorder app while charging your phone and recording conversations at the same time will keep fans quieter.

When your Pixel goes to sleep, it appears that this extra quiet computation is automatically used to prevent noise from disturbing you while you sleep.

Additionally, it appears that you can manually switch the charging settings between Auto, Quiet, and Power Boost.

The new Pixel Stand fan spins faster in power-up mode. It can make up for faster than usual download speeds.

The second generation Pixel Stand has a fan and a fast charging function, which means the Pixel 6 series can charge Qi faster than previous years.

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