Opera introduces Opera GX browser for mobile devices
Opera introduces Opera GX browser for mobile devices

Opera has launched the Opera GX mobile gaming browser, which improves the speed and performance of mobile games.

The desktop version of Opera GX was introduced at E3 in 2019 and is the first browser designed specifically for gaming. Since its introduction in this gallery, millions of people have used it to enhance their gaming experience.

9 million players used it in March, up 190% from the previous year.

At this year's E3, Opera introduced a mobile version of Opera GX. The Opera GX desktop browser for mobile gamers has been simplified.

This means that it has been modified to reduce system resource consumption so that most of the smartphone's processing power can be used for gaming.

It also adds built-in Twitch and Discord integration, as well as CPU and RAM limiters to limit the amount of any resource a browser can use.

When it comes to your advertising preferences or cookies, you can easily modify them.

It has a portable FAB (Quick Action Button) navigator that enables one-handed navigation through haptic feedback.

It includes privacy and security protection features to combat the spread of cryptocurrencies. You can switch between dark mode and light mode.

Opera starts the Opera GX browser:

GX Corner can keep the latest news on the entire homepage without using many tags or navigating to multiple social apps to get the latest information. It also has a native ad blocker.

Flow allows users to stay in sync between desktop and mobile devices and easily share files and messages between browsers.

In addition, Opera GX has become Discord's largest technical server, and its channel currently has more than 290,000 members.

Maciej Cosimba, product manager at Opera GX, said that the company began working on an end-to-end code base in 2018. Opera GX Mobile has been in development for six months.

"Because it is based on Opera technology, we have been able to rapidly evolve over the past six months and develop a mobile browser focused on games," he added. We still offer a browser with a premium feature set.

The Opera GX mobile browser is a direct response to the requests of users of the desktop version of Opera GX to develop a mobile version.

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