Google makes workspace available to all users
Google makes workspace available to all users

Google has announced some changes to its suite of App and Workspace services (formerly known as G Suite), including making it free for anyone with a free account with the company.

The core idea of ​​Workspace is to bring about deeper collaboration between users. Google said there are more than 3 billion users of Workspace.

Many people will soon be able to switch to Google's more modern messaging, docs, and chat system.

And they can all be combined more easily in one tab, for example, by dragging the chat to the left to view a common table.

This move is also related to the efforts of the new company Smart Canvas, which also aims to connect its various applications with Smart Slides.

Google now officially introduces settings to run Google Chat for all users. This is a new setting in Gmail.

The change should make chat messages an option for everyone, which could include direct messages and chat rooms.

But Google is also introducing new terms for cooperation with ads. The chat room is advertised as a space.

These rooms are similar to chat rooms, but Google hopes to break them down into their own advanced forms of communication with Gmail, Chat, and Meet.

Google provides a workspace for everyone:

Google is adding new features such as improved discussion threads, more emoji responses, review tools, and searchable areas.

Google has promised to release a simplified and flexible user interface for Spaces this summer.

The company has launched a new category called Google Workspace Individual for $9.99 per month that gives users more workspace tools without having to set up their own domain or a dedicated email address.

Google has also made a story about Companion Mode, which encourages people in meeting rooms to turn on their cameras as well so remote workers don't feel left out.

Companion mode is expected to start in September, suitable for desktop computers and soon for mobile devices.

Google also announced that it will launch a progressive web app for Google Workspace in September.

In theory, this could make it easier for Gmail users to access their email and other Google apps as if they were real desktop apps, not just browser tabs.

Workspace has received rapid updates in the past few months, which may indicate that the company has serious plans to compete with Microsoft.

Google's strategy is not just to improve its products, but to integrate them deeper.

Gmail users will soon find tips on trying other Workspace products. Placing chat, meeting, and chat room buttons (which will soon become a space) at the bottom of the world's most popular messaging app is sure to increase usage.

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