Google supports multimedia applications by reducing commissions
Google supports multimedia applications by reducing commissions

Google is receiving requests for a new program for media app developers that will enable them to generate more revenue by reducing the commission they pay the company to support certain platforms and features by 15%.

Another way to bypass the company's 30% commission is through the Play Media Experience program. It is also known that Google made a deal with some developers behind the scenes.

Google uses the program as a global extension of the previously invited program only, although it is not mentioned before.

There are some big differences between Google's plans and Apple's advanced video apps. Just as it was designed to allow developers to provide better support for various Google platforms.

The company does not require developers to support Google TV, Wear OS, Android Auto, etc. To do this, however, they must support the following important functions and platforms:

  •     Video: Living Room Video developers are encouraged to develop apps with cross-device playback and plug-in integration for Android TV, Google TV, and Google Cast.
  •     Audio: Encourage premium audio and music content developers to build apps for Wear OS, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Cast with subscription.
  •     Books: Developers who deliver high-quality books, audiobooks, and comics need to optimize tablets and foldable devices, integrate them into entertainment rooms and audiobook services, and develop apps for Wear OS and Android Auto.

Google supports multimedia applications:

Google also lists specific eligibility requirements on their website which can disqualify many small developers. It's like ordering 100,000+ active installs per month and getting great reviews from the Google Play Store.

The search giant has also publicly listed some of its platforms as needed. Note that he makes the final decision on the approved companies.

It's not clear if these apps can bypass Google's built-in billing system.

Last year, the company set a deadline of September 30, 2021, after which all developers must approve in-app purchases when selling digital products.

Netflix and Spotify are said to evade Google's commission by accepting credit cards directly.

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