Lenovo has developed a wireless charger for your laptop
Lenovo has developed a wireless charger for your laptop

Lenovo has announced a new brand of accessories called Lenovo Go, which includes portable peripherals such as wireless laptop charging kits, a vertical mouse, and a standalone keyboard. The company also introduced two new mobile phone screens.

These new products join a series of announcements from ThinkPad and ThinkVision. It works fine with some of these devices.

Designed for laptops that charge with USB-C, the USB-C Wireless Charging Kit is Lenovo Go's most interesting announcement.

The new product uses Energy Square's proprietary energy-by-contact technology instead of the more common Qi standard.

The Go Wireless Charging Kit contains a 3.2mm thick silver metal charging cradle. Install it firmly on your desk and stick it on the wall.

The entire top is the metallic contact surface facing upwards. One flat plug attaches to the bottom of the laptop and plugs into the device's USB-C port for power.

The plug has two metal contacts pointing down. When placed on the charging base, the laptop can be charged wirelessly by simply touching the surface.

Lenovo makes wireless chargers for laptops:

Once setup is complete, Lenovo should be able to charge most 13-14 inch non-touch laptops with a capacity of 65W and 93% efficiency and is suitable for Windows PCs and Macs.

Wireless charging of laptops is very rare. In 2017, Dell launched the world's first 2-in-1 wireless charger, the Latitude 7285. Although it looks like a tablet, it can be charged using a keyboard.

In addition, Intel is also working to incorporate the Rezence magnetic resonance charging standard into its specifications for laptop computers. But there is no commercial exit.

Lenovo will launch the Go Wireless Charging Kit in October at $139.99. It is part of a new line of mobile accessories from the Lenovo Go brand. Includes Qi portable power adapter, wireless mouse, headphone and keyboard.

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