Microsoft wants to use Steam in its App Store
Microsoft wants to use Steam in its App Store

Microsoft's interest appears to go beyond the integration of the Amazon App Store with Windows 11.

Microsoft's sudden move to Windows 11 represents a more open stance in the Windows Store, which could mean we'll see Steam games in the future.

This new open approach has brought many changes to the Windows App Store, including the Amazon App Store for Android apps, and allows developers to use third-party payment platforms to keep their sales growing by 100%.

OS Director Panos Panay said in an interview that Microsoft hopes to have third-party app stores like Steam and Epic Games on their portal.

Banay said the company's new guidelines (how to allow developers to keep all revenue from third-party platforms) were designed with alternative companies in mind, adding that these companies are popular.

"Windows hosts these stores in different ways, and if we can host them through the Microsoft Store, that's great." We encourage others to come to the store which is why there are some of these guidelines.

Microsoft goals

Over the years, Steam has grown into a huge store for Windows games and apps, and Banay envisions the future of the Windows App Store, where people can find the apps they want regardless of competing stores.

Banay said the software giant's goal is to make Windows Store 11 your go-to app source: you name the app you want and you get it.

However, the software giant's policies can be hampered. The Windows 11 App Store no-commission policy does not apply to games. Whether Steam or Epic Games will allow Microsoft to earn additional commissions is controversial.

Microsoft either needs to clarify its guidelines or make exceptions for Steam and Epic Games to appear. Any store expansion can require building trust.

If Microsoft succeeds, it can upgrade its Windows 11 App Store account and cement its operating system's dominance in PC gaming.

You may still need the Steam and Epic Games apps installed. But you don't have to run a lot of players to find your favorite game.

For Linux and Mac users, this is unlikely to change anytime soon. It has nothing to do with how much game makers have adopted these two platforms.

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