Microsoft's XCloud is coming to the Xbox console
Microsoft's XCloud is coming to the Xbox console

Microsoft plans to give Xbox users a chance to try out these games before downloading them later this year.

The new Xbox Dashboard feature allows console gamers to instantly stream games using Microsoft's xCloud service.

This is part of xCloud's ongoing integration with the Xbox platform and the Xbox app on Windows PCs.

Later this year, we will be adding cloud games directly to the Xbox app on PC and integrating them into the platform experience to highlight different scenarios such as experiencing previously downloaded games.

Microsoft has not specified all the ways xCloud will appear on the Xbox platform. However, trying the game before downloading it undoubtedly opens up opportunities for Xbox users who want to know more about the game before making a purchase.

Anyway, on the first day of the game's release, it will be especially useful to use xCloud so that Xbox players can quickly jump into the game before downloading it.

Since games are over 100GB in size, it usually takes several hours to download.

Xbox games:

Ahead of E3, Xbox Director Phil Spencer wanted to highlight Microsoft's commitment to Xbox Game Pass and cloud gaming.

“We are currently the only platform that offers cross-platform, desktop, and cloud gaming at the same time,” said Spencer.

"Others brought platform games to PC years later so people could buy their hardware up front and then pay back to play games on PC," he added.

Spencer praised Sony and its continued efforts to bring more PlayStation games to PC years after its release.

Microsoft obviously prefers to use its own method of playing on multiple platforms at the same time and publish it via Xbox Game Pass on day one.

When it comes to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft also insists on putting together an exclusive content plan set for the service.

"In terms of the overall lineup, we hope to release a new game every three months," the company said. We know that a thriving entertainment service requires constant updates. Therefore, the product line is constantly being expanded with the expansion of our services.

Microsoft has yet to release an update on how Xbox Game Pass subscriptions will grow. After steady growth in 2020, the service grew to 18 million users earlier this year.

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