Xbox Series X is about to make xCloud games much faster Xbox Series X is about to make xCloud games much faster
Xbox Series X is about to make xCloud games much faster
Xbox Series X is about to make xCloud games much faster

Microsoft is making some important upgrades to the service Xbox cloud xCloud broadcast in the next few weeks.

Cloud Stream is ported to Xbox Series X on the server side, which greatly improves load time and frame rate.

Microsoft has also updated xCloud on the web from beta to the official version, which is good news for Apple device owners.

The company announced that we are now in the final stages of internal testing. We will be working on improving the Ultimate Membership experience in the coming weeks. The world's most powerful gaming platform is about to land on Azure.

This upgrade includes significant improvements to xCloud, and players can enjoy faster load times and higher frame rates on the Xbox Series X platform.

Microsoft's xCloud service launched in September and supports Xbox One S server code. Loading time is one of the annoying aspects of using xCloud.

xCloud receives important updates:

This upgrade greatly reduces the waiting time to start the game. Players can also access upgraded Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games.

Additionally, Microsoft will be launching xCloud through the browser for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming weeks.

The service is currently in test mode. But this extension gives all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members access to xCloud streaming media on iPhone, iPad, and any device with a compatible browser.

Microsoft is also expanding cloud gaming to Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan later this year, and has hinted at a new Xbox Game Pass subscription plan.

“We need to innovate to make our games and services available to more people around the world,” the company said. We're exploring how to introduce new subscription offers for Xbox Game Pass.

Therefore, these new Xbox Game Pass subscriptions may include some form of access to xCloud game streaming.

On the other hand, Microsoft currently offers Xbox game streaming services to users who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier for $14.99 per month.

For example, it's easy to imagine that Microsoft will provide a separate Game Pass category in the future that only allows access to xCloud.

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