Bonsaii 14-Sheet 30-Minute Cross-Cut Shredder
Bonsaii 14-Sheet 30-Minute Cross-Cut Shredder

14 Sheet Paper Shredder for Home Office, Bonsaii 30 Minute Paper Shredder for Home Office with 4.8 Gallon Pull-out Basket and 4 Wheels, Jam Free Credit Card / Basic Paper Shredder

Advanced Cooling Technology: 30 minutes of continuous running time

Bonsaii EverShred C169-B can be shredded for 30 minutes continuously under normal conditions, that is, it can shred the entire 3,500 sheets without interruption and it only takes 10 minutes for post-processing with the patented cooling technology. If you are waiting for shredding large documents, this design will save you a lot of time and you will not come back to your life easily. Rest assured that your confidential information is safe.

Anti-lock system

The office paper shredder is equipped with a powerful and reliable automatic anti-interference system. Extended paper jam detection automatically reverses the machine in the event of an overload and thus prevents paper jams from starting. The Bonsaii C169-B solution uses highly advanced and reliable anti-jamming technology to protect the device from overload.

Enjoy the security you want

The cutting performance of the machine is improved by innovative technology. It can shred up to 14 sheets of letter-size paper (20 lbs.) into small 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inch pieces (security level P-3) Accepts all legal sizes and letter files. If you rip small items like envelopes or receipts, put them in the middle of the slot in the paper.

1 year warranty

The warranty period for this machine is 12 months from the date of first purchase, provided that the machine is used properly to ensure the least hassle and the best experience for our dear customers. Note: Because 100% shredder test is carried out during the manufacturing process to ensure quality, the cut paper may be in the shredder knife or in the trash. If you are not satisfied, please contact customer service for assistance.

Bonsaii 14-Sheet 30-Minute Cross-Cut Shredder
Bonsaii 14-Sheet 30-Minute Cross-Cut Shredder

  •  [Home Office Roller Shredder] Supports 30 minutes of continuous running. Based on the patented cooling system, this high-performance document shredder lasts up to 30 minutes without interruption and can shred approximately 3,500 sheets of paper. It is very suitable for offices and large apartments.
  • [Heavy Duty 14 Sheet Paper Shredder] High performance paper shredder for home and office use. The maximum capacity of the paper shredder is 14 sheets (letter size, 75g/m2), which can shred paper into small particles 13/64 x 1-37 / 64 inch / 5 * 40mm to protect your personal information
  • 【Telescopic Trash Can with Clear Window 4.8 Gallon Capacity, Reduces Frequent Emptying, Holds 300 Sheets of A4 Paper】Transparent window makes the trash can full of dirt in a jiffy
  • [Jam-Free, Easy to Carry] The Jam-Free system has auto start/stop and manual reverse functions that allow you to easily clear paper jams without worrying about paper jams. 4 wheels, can be easily moved to any desired place
  • Safe Use] With LED indicator light and overheating and overload protection technology, this household paper shredder will maintain continuous use and extend the life of the shredder.

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