Roblox gives Apple $1 million a day
Roblox gives Apple $1 million a day

Roblox, a social gaming platform, is the largest source of iPhone gaming revenue in the US, generating $3 million per day. Apple got 30%.

Roblox is a popular mobile game that allows users to download and participate in the experience. These experiences can range from small levels or challenges to the full game world of the Roblox app.

According to Finbold, Roblox has become the main source of income on mobile platforms.

Customers buy an in-app currency called Robux to exchange in-game items or clothes.

This simple model encourages players to spend more money on Roblox in 2021 than any other game.

In June, the App Store's Top 10 iPhone Games generated $11.2 million in daily revenue, or $336.2 million per month.

Roblox's share is $3 million per day, or $92 million per month, or over $1 billion per year.

In terms of sales, Clash of Clans took second place with $1.8 million. Then there's the $1.4 million Candy Crush saga.

The total sales calculated for each game includes the game purchase price and in-app purchases.

Roblox is becoming more and more popular:

Roblox recently went public and has sales of $387 million.

For example, this number is a combination of total sales from the Apple App Store, various Android stores, other digital retailers, and Robux purchased in physical stores.

Since Apple receives a 30% commission on every in-app purchase on the platform, Roblox is responsible for the business at around $900,000 per day.

This revenue alone is enough to make Apple ignore some of the shortcomings of Roblox. Including changing the game description to avoid criticism from Apple.

This success has filled the void left by the lack of leading mobile game Fortnite.

After Epic Games violated the rules of the App Store and removed Apple Fortnite from its platform. This leaves a void in mobile games.

Due to its social aspects and integrated shopping system, it seems that Roblox has become the most profitable product on iPhone.

There are many reasons why Roblox is so popular, such as the variety of games available on its platform.

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