Windows 11 may bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store
Windows 11 may bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft will continue to discuss the upcoming development of Windows at its June 24 event.

But a secret order may have just been revealed by the new Windows 11 operating system.

According to a new report by MSPoweruser, there is now evidence that Microsoft is developing a native Android emulator for Windows.

Reports out in November of last year showed that Microsoft was working on implementing Android apps on Windows 10 21H2.

It appears that the software giant is planning to rename this version of Windows 10 21H2 as Windows 11.

Now that there's new evidence to back this up, Hideyuki Nagase, Microsoft's chief software design engineer, has been working on getting the Android emulator to run on the Windows Linux subsystem.

The report contains change entries specific to the latest version of the Windows subsystem for Linux.

The diary contains two specially mentioned androids.

One of them highlights the issue of fixing the Android emulator window not moving when there is no window. Another mentioned fix to fix Android emulator window won't move and crash when minimized.

Windows Subsystem for Linux was designed with developers in mind, so it's no surprise to see Android in it.

This change will likely only indicate bugs developers may encounter while using their apps.

However, there is still a very small possibility, and it could be even greater.

New Microsoft window:

Microsoft can use emulation in the Windows subsystem for Linux as a basis for bringing native Android apps to Windows and the Microsoft Store.

In late 2020, there were rumors that Microsoft was working with developers to achieve this goal with a project called Latte.

Since most of the apps are based on Google Play Services, the choice of Android apps that you can use is limited.

However, when combined with the Android flag in the update history, it indicates that the next version of Windows may be the case.

While it's a bit of a lengthy process, the Microsoft CEO seems excited about Build 2021 Developer Conference.

In his opening speech, he noted that the company will soon release one of the most important Windows updates of the past decade, opening up greater business opportunities for developers and developers.

It didn't stop. We welcome all content creators who are looking for the most innovative and open platform to create, distribute and monetize apps.

At the same time, Android apps can be run on Windows using "Your Phone" and "Link to Windows" apps or third-party software.

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