Android 12 introduces a new way to auto-rotate
Android 12 introduces a new way to auto-rotate

Google is expected to release the latest Android 12 beta. OS 3 continues to add features including scrolling screenshots, faster searches across all devices, improved auto-rotation, and more.

Google has stated that this version of Android 12 has the official Android 12 API and SDK, which means that there shouldn't be any major changes to functionality in the next beta.

This should mean that Android 12 will be released this fall.

The coolest new feature in Android 12 is better and faster auto-rotate. Google now uses the front camera and facial recognition to determine which direction you want to point the phone. Instead of just relying on the accelerometer.

This is especially useful for people who use the device while lying on the sofa or bed.

This means that you can lie on your side in your bed with your phone in a horizontal position. However, since the camera can also see your face horizontally, it remains in a portrait format.

Faces are recognized locally in the Android Private Compute Core, a private and secure area of ​​the operating system used to run algorithms that may contain sensitive data. As a result, the device will not save or send the image.

In the initial announcement, the importance of Android Private Compute Core clearly indicates that Google intends to develop more Android features that may raise privacy concerns.

Android 12 includes new improvements

Google has also improved the animation and added gesture recognition algorithms based on machine learning. This reduces the auto spin response time by 25%.

Google's automatic carousel has always been a bit tricky and largely inconsistent between different manufacturers.

An automatic rotation guide is useful. But there is also an important advantage, which is the continuous creation of scrolling shots in the system.

Also known as a screenshot, it allows you to have multiple screens in one image, just like on a web page.

Android 12 has a new toggle feature that lets you turn off the camera or microphone at the system level. In beta 3, the company admin in charge of your work phone can now control these keys and prevent you from accessing them.

Google is also pushing developers to use the new cross-device search engine AppSearch in their entire apps and phones.

Developers can choose which parts of their apps should be indexed for a full search on the device or other apps.

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