Google and GoDaddy work together to increase e-commerce
Google and GoDaddy work together to increase e-commerce

As part of its ongoing efforts to expand its e-commerce products and meet the growing interest in online shopping, Google has announced a new partnership with GoDaddy that will allow GoDaddy online store managers to add their product listings to their integrated products. costs.

The company said GoDaddy retailers can now be found through search, shopping, photos and YouTube. With this integration, GoDaddy merchants can upload their products, create free listings and events, and view performance metrics. There is no need to leave the GoDaddy online store.

The integration also enables GoDaddy merchants to create free Google Shopping Lists. They can then be viewed across the company's various apps and tools.

If you sell in the US, you'll see details about the eligible free product in search results, images, maps, Google Shopping tags, and Google Smart Lens.

If you're running a Smart Shopping campaign, your approved products may appear in Search, Gmail, YouTube, the Google Shopping tab, and the Google Display Network.

GoDaddy users can create smart purchase campaigns on the GoDaddy dashboard that allows them to use the search giant's automatic matching tool to display their product listings to people searching for similar items in its app.

The partnership marks the latest step in Google's e-commerce promotion expansion, as the platform also announced a similar integration with Shopify in May.

Google expands e-commerce opportunities

The search giant said that the volume of its product listings online has grown by 70% over the past year. The number of traders on the platform increased by 80%.

This is a result of the increase in online shopping activity due to the pandemic. But the search giant also waived all listing fees for Google Shopping products in April of last year. It's about helping retailers distract themselves during the pandemic.

Since Google is still the primary platform for many to participate in the discovery process in various forms, this has proven to be a great incentive for online merchants.

This adds to Google's shopping tricks and helps you stay one step ahead. But other apps like Facebook also want to develop e-commerce further.

Google also hopes that image-based search will make it easier to find more products. It also gives retailers the option to associate their loyalty programs with purchases on Google.

The search giant has also added new reminders for users' past shopping activities. There is a new add-on in the Chrome browser that can mark any open shopping carts that users have left on the web.

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