Android app tests the water resistance of mobile phones without drops of water
Android app tests the water resistance of mobile phones without drops of water

If Android smartphone manufacturers pass a series of tests, they will still provide an IP rating for the devices they sell.

This little program called Water Resistance Tester claims to be able to tell you if a waterproof phone seal is still effective without water.

This way, you won't have to submerge the device in water and damage it to see if it can prevent the liquid from getting into the case.

The application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The developers use data from the air pressure sensor installed on most flagships as a vertical positioning aid.

The air pressure sensor determines the level of pressure inside the device and the app measures the change in that pressure level.

The nuances of the device pressure gauge can help test whether the waterproof seal on an IP67 or IP68 phone is still in effect.

The test requires the user to place the phone on a surface and then firmly press two points on the screen.

He said that by measuring the pressure difference he could judge whether the tightness was still reliable. It should be suitable for phones of any IP level and be able to adapt to physical changes.

An Android app to test the water resistance of mobile phones

The Android app developer makes no guarantees on the app, and the result does not affect the company that chooses not to honor the warranty.

Reviews on the Google Play Store show that phones without an IP rating give negative results. For those who have protection but have reported on screen repairs, the water seal has stopped working.

The developer said it developed the app to help people check the condition of a device's waterproof seal after repairs.

It should be noted that this application is not the first of its kind. But some of the water resistance testing apps on the Google Play Store seem to be designed for older phones and their waterproof style is different from the water resistant style used in mobile phones today. It can't work properly now.

Whatever the outcome, you have to be careful when using an old mobile phone to remove water. As the phone ages, the waterproof seal will also deteriorate.

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