Donald Trump sues Facebook Twitter and YouTube
Donald Trump sues Facebook Twitter and YouTube

Former President Donald Trump has filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai.

These lawsuits came six months after Trump permanently or temporarily suspended all three platforms.

These allegations are based on deeply rooted legal arguments that are often overlooked and come after several other attempts to sue social media companies for suspensions or other forms of surveillance.

The lawsuit alleges that social media companies suspended Trump and other users of their networks in violation of the First Amendment, and courts generally ignore this argument.

Trump's lawsuit is seeking damages on behalf of any user with a restricted or improperly restricted account via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The court must declare Section 230 of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act unconstitutional. The former president described the class action as an attempt to prevent the company from breaking US law.

The lawsuits show that Facebook, Twitter and Google joined because they had powerful platforms, and were asked by members of Congress to remove certain categories of content, including fake news and incitement to violence.

The former president was banned from using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube because he was killed during the March 6 uprising.

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Trump also accused these platforms of closely coordinating and interacting to restrict freedom of expression.

The judges almost unanimously rejected claims that social media platforms are public places that must host all First Amendment-protected content.

Although Supreme Court justices insisted on more direct oversight of how businesses are supervised. He did it in a case unrelated to the case.

Trump clashed with them long before he was banned from social media companies this year.

As president, he signed an executive order requiring federal agencies to reduce protective measures under Section 230. However, the order had little effect, and President Joe Biden rescinded it a year later.

The former president launched a blog ad in May. But after attracting some readers, it closed within a month.

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