With Tik Tok you can apply for a job
With Tik Tok you can apply for a job

TikTok is testing an app tool that allows its users to apply directly to companies like Chipotle, Target, and Shopify with video resumes.

The short-term beta plan called TikTok Resumes is based on content that appears on the platform, such as #CareerTok, and the company's intentions to influence students and young users.

More than 30 companies have signed up to accept applications for the pilot program, which runs through July 31.

The user needs to create a video bio and post it on Tik Tok and then send that video to the recruiter through the app.

The demo video tutorial advises applicants not to include personal contact information such as their email address in a publicly shared video.

Some of the jobs listed currently include creating content for the platform, which means that more brands are working with content developers to take control of the platform.

“We are very excited to launch TikTok Resumes as a beta program with the aim of further expanding and strengthening our position as a new channel for recruitment and job search,” the platform said. We work with select companies and invite applicants to apply for employer positions.

For example, Alo Yoga employs a Social Media Manager through TikTok Resumes who is responsible for crafting TikTok's brand strategy and building partnerships with influencers.

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Others are looking for video hosts and producers that work on multiple platforms. Companies like Target, Chipotle, Sweetgreen, and Great Clips use the platform to find employees who work in stores and warehouses. There are full time jobs.

Shopify is hiring a Chief Data Engineer as part of a pilot program.

Although the trial version is temporary. It shows how the platform envisions training and installing an ecosystem for professional content creators to increase their impact.

The beta program is an easy way to connect businesses with influential content creators looking for full-time jobs.

Tik Tok is an entertainment platform powered by the cultural community. Across the entire platform, filmmakers are redefining entertainment, from movies and sports to fashion, music, lifestyle and the workplace.

With the advent of creative work-related content. The platform believes that by enhancing the platform's usefulness as a recruitment channel, there is an opportunity to add value to people's experience.

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