Artificial Intelligence for TikTok is available for sale
Artificial Intelligence for TikTok is available for sale

ByteDance has sold some of the AI ​​technology powering its TikTok video app to websites and apps outside of China as it expanded revenue streams before it was released to the public.

In June, a new division called BytePlus was set up with customers all over the world including the United States.

According to its website, its first customers are American fashion app Goat, Singaporean travel booking site WeGo, and Indonesian shopping startup Chilibeli.

BytePlus gives companies the ability to take advantage of the TikTok algorithm, which allows users to scroll through video recommendations they love.

You can use this technology to customize your apps and services to customers. Other bundled software includes automatic translation of real-time text, audio and video effects, and a suite of data analysis and management tools.

While the user is dancing or gesturing in front of the camera, its computer vision technology can detect and track 18 points around the body from head to toe. BytePlus is recommended for beauty or fashion applications.

Tik Tok algorithm included

The new division hired people in Singapore, London and Hong Kong who had worked for technology companies such as Microsoft.

He Tianyi, a longtime ByteDance employee, has been President of ByteDance Singapore since June.

BytePlus' toolkit appears to be comparable to AI services from companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. In addition to other Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.

The BytePlus division made its international debut after launching a similar service called Volcano Drive in China. Among his clients are Geely and Vivo.

The collaboration app called Lark, launched in 2019, is Bytedance's first cross-product.

The new trend comes at a time when TikTok's rapid growth is reaching its limits.

ByteDance is testing a number of new products to diversify outside of TikTok. Including mobile games and video editing applications.

ByteDance attempted to register trademarks related to BytePlus and Volcano Engine in the United States.

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