Discord improves conversations with Threads
Discord improves conversations with Threads

Discord has introduced the threading functionality, which enables servers to optimize conversations between departments.

The dialogue on the platform usually consists of hundreds of messages, and to encourage these dialogues, the company has implemented a wired dialogue function.

Wired dialogue is very different from the answer feature that Discord introduced last year.

The platform has spent over a year researching and advising the most active users out of its 150 million monthly active users in order to craft solutions.

Users can use the new "#" option to create new conversations on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web.

Thread chats work very similarly to many other chat apps, allowing Discord users to separate conversations from the main channel feed.

A separate stream of threaded discussions is created, and Discord server administrators can control which server members can participate in threaded discussions.

Discord dialogue for added topic

If you cause problems for them, the administrator can also remove them from the feed.

The platform also provides both public and private wired calls. A public thread conversation on a channel gives any member the right to post messages and start and reply to a thread conversation.

But the private thread allows certain members to chat privately. People can be invited to private chats or added manually.

The platform automatically archives thread conversations within 24 hours in an effort to reduce channel confusion.

You can still read the thread in the Archive tab. But once you check it, you can't answer it anymore.

By default, the server administrator can set up to three archive days. However, if the server is upgraded to level 2 through Nitro upgrades, the private chat and archiving options will be available within a week.

Thread conversations will open in the Discord split view window and you can choose to view thread conversations in full screen mode by clicking on them in the channel list.

“We have worked hard to develop high-quality features for our users,” he says on the platform. The demand for wired calls is high almost every month.

Threaded conversations currently apply to text conversations, not video or audio conversations.

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