Discord lets you share more information about you in your account
Discord lets you share more information about you in your account

The Discord messaging platform has improved the ability to customize accounts even more than before.

The desktop version of the app can now fill in a short ad titled "About me". If you subscribe to Discord Premium Nitro, you can add banner images to your account.

Discord said it added these customs accounts on June 24.

To make changes, click on the User Settings gear, then click on the User Accounts section. From there, you can write a 190-character ad for yourself (which may include a link).

Nitro subscribers can add banner images in PNG, JPG or animated GIF formats.

Then when someone clicks your name on the server you're working on, they'll see your resume and "About Me" banner (if you've set them up).

By default, depending on the platform, the banner image has a color that matches the color of the account image.

Discord lets you share more information about yourself

This feature is available to all Discord users through the desktop. You can view custom accounts on your mobile phone. But you cannot change it now. Discord says this ability will appear soon.

Discord has added another new feature in the wake of the launch, which is Large Emotes, or Emotes.

After testing in certain markets last fall, the platform was able to download custom stickers and additional benefits for Nitro users.

Custom sticker packs can be added to the Boosted Tier 1 server (this means that members can support them with direct monthly payments or by using the free Boost on their Nitro subscription).

Nitro subscribers have access to 300 Discord stickers to use on the platform.

First launched in 2015 to allow players to have text and voice chats while playing, the platform is no longer limited to gamers. On the contrary, it has become one of the most important chatting apps in the world due to its powerful and diverse features.

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