Instagram is developing its own Twitter Super Follow version
Instagram is developing its own Twitter Super Follow version

Instagram is creating its own version of Twitter's Super Follow feature, which allows creators to post exclusive content through Stories that only their fans can see.

The platform has confirmed that screenshots of the new features posted on social media are from an internal prototype currently in development. But it still has to be publicly tested.

However, the screenshots tell us a lot of ideas on Instagram. It explains how creators post so-called exclusive stories on their accounts. They are customized in different colors.

When other Instagram users come across an Exclusive Story, they will receive a message that only members can see this content.

Therefore, it is not possible to take screenshots of stories. But it can be shared as an advantage.

The new policy requires creators to record these stories for fans to see and makes it clear that this way fans can still see something when they join.

Old engineer Alessandro Palozzi (Alessandro Palozzi) revealed the exclusive story feature, often finding new features in mobile app code.

The exclusive story is part of Instagram's larger plan to expand its monetization tools for YouTubers.

The company revealed more details about its efforts in this area, with the Instagram CEO first saying in May that the company is exploring subscriptions and other new features such as NFT.

Paluzzi also recently discovered a reference to the NFT feature set, which shows how digital groups appear in a new tab in the creator's Instagram account.

Discover exclusive Instagram stories

Instagram has not publicly announced these specific product developments. Instead, she's spoken highly of her plans for things like subscriptions and reminders.

Plus, in early June, Adam Mosseri spoke extensively about the kinds of creative tools Instagram wants to create. Don't talk about tools that are being actively developed.

It is worth noting that Instagram is not the only social platform that hinders monetization from creators.

With the content producer economy maturing, the membership model has recently reached many social networks.

Twitter announced the Super Follow and subscription program for YouTubers in February.

Additionally, Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces were introduced last week.

Facebook has started publishing its newsletter. Provides a means to sell subscriptions and access to member groups and live audio rooms.

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