Facebook accused of violating privacy in the Netherlands
Facebook accused of violating privacy in the Netherlands

A court in Amsterdam has ruled that two non-profit organizations in the Netherlands can still file data protection lawsuits against Facebook. The case will be heard in October.

Since 2019, the Amsterdam data protection organization DPS has attempted to sue Facebook for collecting data from Internet users, as it has no proper legal basis for the processing.

The Dutch non-profit consumer protection organization Consumentenbond has also joined the organisation.

The two organizations are trying to compensate Facebook users in the Netherlands for data breaches by filing personal damages lawsuits and asking Facebook to end its anti-privacy practices.

EU law allows collective compensation in several areas, including data protection rights, and allows authorized entities to act on behalf of rights holders.

The ruling appears to be an increasingly important tool in strengthening data protection in the European Union. In fact, European data protection authorities still lack a unified force to protect the rights enshrined in laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation. Although it came into force in 2018, it still has to be seriously implemented against platform giants like Facebook.

Facebook denies any abuse, saying it respects users' privacy and allows people to control how their data is used.

Facebook accused of data breach

A company spokesman said: We are currently reviewing the court's ruling. Judgment is aimed at the procedural part of the procedure, not the good and bad outcome of the procedure. We continue to defend our position in court. We care about our users in the Netherlands, and protecting their privacy is important to us.

"The products we develop can help people communicate while respecting privacy choices," he added. Users can control the data they share on Facebook. We ensure transparency about how your data is used. We provide tools that people can use to access, download and delete their information. We pledge to respect the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The two organizations are inviting Facebook users in the Netherlands to sign up for a representative action that now affects more than 185,000 people.

The lawsuit argued that Facebook users were using their data to pay for free services — arguing that the tech giant had no valid legal basis for processing people's data because it had not provided users with complete information about what it collected or provided the data. Submitted. Users for the purpose of relevant data.

So at the center of the dispute is the pursuit of violations and actions by Facebook against EU data protection laws.

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