Facebook is testing objective features with public figures
Facebook is testing objective features with public figures

The topic can appear on Facebook once the platform tests a new feature that will allow public figures to create new posts referring to previous posts on related topics.

This feature connects posts more intuitively, so fans can easily keep up with updates over time.

When a new post appears in your subscriber news feed, it will appear with the other posts in the feed.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra (Matt Navarra) first saw the practical application of this feature and shared some screenshots of its development.

Facebook confirmed that it is currently testing the feature with a small group of public figures.

Public Profile is a special type of Facebook Pages category that is intended for celebrities or anyone else who wants to create a more public Facebook profile.

The platform states that these topic articles have a "View Article Topic" button so that subscribers can easily navigate to view all articles in that topic.

When you press the button, it will appear to you where you can see all the related messages in one place.

The platform has not confirmed if the test will be rolled out to other public figures or when it will be rolled out to other categories of sites such as companies or groups.

Facebook is testing the functionality of the theme

Themes are useful on sites like Twitter because character restrictions make more precise conversations difficult. However, Facebook posts can be up to 63,206 characters long (or about 225 tweets).

Facebook threads can be used to comment directly on events such as award shows instead of long posts.

Users can also post updates about their existing posts in the feed instead of updating the original post and writing changes to add.

Since the platform tests this functionality with public figures, its intended use may be to facilitate the exchange of information.

The platform has an error reporting problem. Hence, topics can provide useful background information for journalists or government officials exchanging information on the development of current affairs.

The test came after the company released a prospectus earlier this week.

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