Facebook explains how the news algorithm works
Facebook explains how the news algorithm works

Facebook has shared a new video explaining how the News Feed algorithm works.

The video did not provide any important new ideas or suggestions. But it does provide a glimpse into Facebook's content rating process and explains why some things get more attention than others based on personal feedback.

"Our goal is to make sure that every time you open the app, you see the most valuable post at the top of the feed," Facebook said.

“Most people have more content in the News Feed than they search in one session, so we use an algorithm to determine the order of all posts shown.”

This video demonstrates the feed ranking process including the four most important things Facebook considers when selecting relevant content to display to each user.

These items are:

  •     Checklist: This is the starting point, all articles can appear daily in the initial sample set. These posts are based on your homepage, the people you follow, the content they share and interact with, the group you belong to, and the promotional content you are eligible for on any given day.
  •     Flags: The algorithm then uses different signals to determine how relevant each post is to you. It depends on your connection with the person sharing the update and the homepage, including how you've interacted with them in the past. The algorithm also takes into account whether it is an image, a video, or a link. Depending on your post history, this will also affect what you see.
  •     Prediction: Based on these considerations, the algorithm then predicts your likely interaction with each new post to highlight the content that is most relevant to the character based on these factors.
  •     The result: the algorithm records every post in your content pool in order to rank them considering all of these factors. The higher the relevance rating, the more likely the post will appear at the top of your Facebook feed.

Facebook news feed algorithm

This is the main focus of your news feed. From this it can be inferred how the impact of the entire platform can be maximized.

The more people find your content relevant to you personally and interact with your updates, the more likely your content will appear in each feed. The more people in this group, the more you will reach Facebook.

Users can customize their news feed with tools like Favorites to choose the top 30 pages and the ones they want to see most often. You can also sort your feeds chronologically using the last sort option.

Users can also report that individual posts are not relevant to them. This is done by selecting the appropriate option from the list of three dots for each item. This will lower the order of this content in the future.

In addition, the company stated that content that violates its policies is usually removed before a user sees it.

The platform has already provided similar explanations aimed at removing some of the ambiguity in the content classification process.

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