Microsoft is replacing routers to stop Trickbot
Microsoft is replacing routers to stop Trickbot

Microsoft has invested significant time and effort in Brazil and Latin America to replace infected customer routers with the Trickbot malware.

Microsoft has worked with Internet service providers to replace faulty customer routers in Brazil and Latin America one by one.

Hacker groups use infected computers as a huge bot network. It performs ransomware attacks and other illegal operations.

As we all know Trickbot hijacks routers and IoT. These routers and IoT can be easily hacked without the owner even realizing it.

Removing malware from routers can be difficult for users, making face-to-face exchanges an effective strategy.

Microsoft had hoped to take action against international hacking organizations targeted by US cyber leaders and information security firms.

With the re-emergence of the Trickbot, the Microsoft team began to think of eliminating the gang as an ongoing mission with no end in sight.

Although the hacker groups operate in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Suriname, Microsoft has been sending out worldwide notifications since October, according to the US Department of Justice.

In one case, the software giant succeeded in destroying the Trickbot infrastructure in Afghanistan.

Trickbot remains one of the largest bot networks to this day. The organization has established a protection mechanism in its infrastructure to withstand multiple strikes.

The Russian-speaking hacking organization Trickbot has tracked millions of victims around the world. The victim's bank statement has been stolen. Ransomware attacks are facilitated, and over the years these attacks have prompted companies to compete for the massive demand for ransomware.

Although the US Cyber ​​Command at the Pentagon has attempted to influence the group's actions over the past year, there are indications that the hacking group is working behind the scenes.

According to the latest information from the cybersecurity company Bitdefender, its malware is used to monitor victims and collect information.

Microsoft fights Trickbot

Bitdefender discovered that the hackers updated part of their process. This is a tool that will help them to remotely control the victim's computer called the VNC unit.

Bitdefender's director of threat research and reporting said it appears hackers are using their new tools to plan their next attack.

It appears that the hackers are also investigating infrastructure that could allow them to sell access to other attackers. Symantec's technical director for security said Symantec had previously tried to block Trickbot.

The news is that cybercrime groups are ramping up their offensive techniques even more. She's also planning the next step behind the scenes. Then the federal government tries to take action against the hacking organizations.

A woman was recently tried in federal court in Ohio. This is because Trickbot helped carry out the ransomware attacks.

The Biden government is trying to hold Russia responsible for providing a safe haven for ransomware criminals on its soil. However, despite their removal, efforts can still be made by cybercriminal organizations.

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